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Surgical pathology criteria use browser back button to return metaplastic carcinoma of the breast definition breast carcinoma exhibiting either a mesenchymal (or other non-epithelial) component or squamous differentiation alternate / historical names adenosquamous carcinoma carcinosarcoma matrix producing carcinoma sarcomatoid carcinoma spindle cell carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma diagnostic criteria must have a neoplastic component that is either squamous or non-epithelial carcinoma mixed with a mesenchymal or other non-epithelial component may exhibit obviously malignant stroma may resemble pleomorphic mfh or fibrosarcoma may exhibit heterologous differentiation usually osteosarcoma or chondrosarcoma less commonly glioma, melanoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, angiosarcoma or liposarcoma stroma may be composed of bland spindle cells (spindle cell carcinoma) p63 positive, often high molecular weight keratin positive may contain fibroblasts and or myofibroblasts may resemble nodular fasciitis or fibromatosis mesenchymal component may be keratin positive in about half of cases high molecular weight keratin is most often positive epithelial component may be sparse may be identified only by presence of keratin reactivity broad spectrum and high molecular weight keratins are useful squamous component may be cystic carcinomas with metaplastic squamous components may be pure squamous or mixed with ductal carcinoma low grade adenosquamous carcinoma may be considered as metaplastic carcinoma or as a distinct entity most have a component of ductal carcinoma there are rare reports of metaplastic carcinoma associated with lobular, medullary, mucinous and tubular carcinoma richard l kempson md robert v rouse md department of pathology stanford university school of medicine stanford ca 94305-5342 original posting: may 1, 2006 updates: january 21, 2009 supplemental studies immunohistology from a diagnostic standpoint the important distinction is from sarcoma p63 and ck5/6 appear to be quite specific for this laminin 5 appears more sensitive but more data is needed regarding its specificity it is important to be aware of significant smooth muscle actin and s100 reactivity their presence does not rule out carcinoma laminin 5 96% p63 57-86% ck5/6 50-86% cd10 85% smooth muscle actin 60% s100 45% squamous and mesenchymal elements and in most cases ductal elements all stained differential diagnosis pure sarcoma phyllodes tumor nodular fasciitis fib. buy viagra online fast shipping buy cheap viagra viagra online viagra triangle in chicago buy viagra in us viagra generic viagra without prescription buy viagra cheap buy viagra walmart viagra price at costco AN OPTOMETRIC PRACTICE
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