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How Often Does Your Eye Prescription Change?

a pair of eyeglasses rests on a prescription for lenses

Consistent vision care begins at your optometrist’s office. Your comprehensive eye examination covers various important aspects of vision care, including checking if your eye prescription is up to date. But how often does your eye prescription change, and what can you expect during your eye exam? Let’s take a look.  What to Expect During Your […]

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What Are the Best Contact Lenses for Sports?

a woman in sports gear holds a contact lens

Playing your favorite sport, whether that’s football or basketball while wearing glasses can be challenging. Athletes usually prefer the flexibility that contact lenses allow, and your optometrist can help you find the right contact lenses for your unique visual needs. Let’s look at the exam process, the different types of contact lenses, and which contacts […]

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Does Dry Eye Cause Floaters?

a woman in a purple shirt rubs her eye with her hand

Seeing Spots & Feeling Dry? When unusual spots are floating across your vision, you might wonder if you have an eye problem. It’s always wise to get your eyes assessed when you experience vision or eye changes. After an eye exam, your optometrist can determine if you’re experiencing a symptom of ocular disease, including chronic […]

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How Do You Get Fitted for Contact Lenses?

A male optometrist passes a contact lens case to a woman with her back to the camera

Your Contact Lens Fitting Unique eyes deserve a unique fit. When your contact lenses are properly fitted, they can help you achieve clear, comfortable vision. But how do you get fitted for your contact lenses? Every eyewear journey, whether for eyeglasses or specialty contact lenses, begins with an exam. First-time wearers and returning patients require […]

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When Is It Too Late To Treat Lazy Eye?

A young girl wearing glasses shows symptoms of amblyopia with her left eye turning inwards.

Lazy eye is a common condition that can affect vision if not treated properly.  Regular eye exams with the optometrist can help identify and treat conditions like lazy eye early to prevent long-term vision issues from developing. It’s important to take your child in for annual eye exams.  Fortunately, there are many treatments available for […]

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Does Myopia Get Worse with Age?

Young male optometrist helps adjust a trial frame on a smiling and happy mature patient.

Does Myopia Get Worse with Age? Can Age Affect Myopia? Myopia (nearsightedness) is one of the most common vision problems globally, and it’s only growing. Some research suggests that 50% of the world’s population will have myopia by 2050. Early diagnosis of myopia and vision problems is the best method of preventing worsening conditions. Primarily, […]

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Can Myopia Be Reversed?

Young smiling woman holding out and examining a black pair of glasses.

Can Myopia Be Reversed? Myopia Insight Your vision and your ocular health are inseparable. Keeping an eye on vision changes is essential for adult eye exams and pediatric eye exams. Although myopia is typically discussed for its impacts on sight, it’s also a big part of your health and lifestyle. Unfortunately, without a time machine, […]

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