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Navigating Poor Weather Conditions and Night Driving


Winter can be a difficult time for your eyes. The cold temperature outdoors and the circulating air from the heaters indoors means your eyes will get irritated no matter where you are. On top of that, navigating poor weather conditions and night driving demands special attention. These scenarios present unique challenges that can impact visibility […]

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Maximize Your Vision Benefits


Every year, millions of Americans let their vision benefits go to waste. It is estimated that we collectively forfeit $400 million a year from unused FSA / HSA. Don’t risk losing your benefits this year. Maximizing these benefits before the year concludes is not only a savvy financial move, but a proactive step towards prioritizing your eye […]

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The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

"A young woman with a round face trying on a new pair of glasses at an optical shop."

In a world where fashion meets function, eyeglasses have evolved from a mere necessity to a stylish accessory that can accentuate our individuality. Whether you’re a fashion-forward trendsetter or a minimalist seeking practicality, finding the right pair of glasses can be a transformative experience. But with countless styles and designs available, how do you narrow down […]

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How Often Does Your Eye Prescription Change?

a pair of eyeglasses rests on a prescription for lenses

Consistent vision care begins at your optometrist’s office. Your comprehensive eye examination covers various important aspects of vision care, including checking if your eye prescription is up to date. But how often does your eye prescription change, and what can you expect during your eye exam? Let’s take a look.  What to Expect During Your […]

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