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Do You Know Why Doctors Use Optomap Retinal Imaging?

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In the realm of eye care, early detection of eye diseases is paramount to preventing severe vision impairment or blindness. One groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized the field of optometry is Optomap retinal imaging. This non-invasive imaging technique allows eye doctors to capture a wide-field view of the retina, providing a comprehensive picture that aids […]

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Dr. William To Named a Best Rated Eye Doctor in San Mateo 2024 by Three Best Rated


SAN MATEO, CA – Dr. William To has been named a Top 3 Best Rated Eye Doctor in 2024 by Three Best Rated. This esteemed recognition highlights Dr. To’s exceptional dedication to providing outstanding eye care and highlights his commitment to excellence in patient service. Dr. To’s recognition as a Top 3 Eye Doctor is […]

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Lifetime Eyecare by Optical Illusions named 2024 Best of Juneau Optometrist (Eye Doctor)


JUNEAU, AK – Lifetime Eyecare by Optical Illusions has been named the Gold Winner of the 2024 Best of Juneau Optometrist (Eye Doctor) by Local First Media Group. This esteemed recognition highlights Lifetime Eyecare by Optical Illusions’ exceptional dedication to providing outstanding eye care and highlights their commitment to excellence in patient services. “There have […]

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How an Eye Exam Can Save Your Life with Retinal Screening

optometry-eyes-eyewear-eyeglasses-glasses-lenses-blue-light-filter-exposure-eye-fatigue-strain-dry-how-often-schedule-eye-exam-annual-comprehensive-cee-aee-optometrist-optical-illusions-eye-care-eyecare-oct-imaging-optical-coherence-tomography-octa-eye-disease-cataracts-glaucoma-diabetes-diabetic-retinopathy-macular-degeneration-drusen-blindness-vision-optometrist-eye-care-eyecare-risk-assessment-diabetic-eye-exam-a1c-retinal-screening-optos-optomap-fundus-eye-doctor-comanagement-lasik-consultation-refractive surgery--retinal-screening-fundus-photography-nevus-melanoma-eye-cancer

“For those who read this, I urge you to pay the extra fee every year to get images inside your eyes — even if your vision is fine.” -Robert Rapier Robert Rapier, a Senior Contributor for Forbes, typically writes editorials covering the energy sector. Last year he published an article titled “How A $30 Test […]

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Do I have Dry Eye or Allergies?


When it comes to eye discomfort, distinguishing between dry eye or allergies is crucial for effective treatment and relief. Both conditions can cause similar symptoms, such as itching, redness, and irritation, but they do have distinct causes and require different approaches to management. Here, we delve into the differences between dry eye and allergies, providing […]

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Prevent Blindness: The Importance of an Annual Diabetic Eye Exam


According to the CDC, diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in America. So, when it comes to managing diabetes, regular eye exams are not just recommended—they’re essential. It is critically important to be seen annually for a diabetic eye exam, whether the condition is borderline, stable, or uncontrolled, ensuring your vision […]

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Optical Illusions of San Jose named 2024 Best Optometry Office by The Mercury News


SAN JOSE, CA – Optical Illusions: An Optometric Practice has been named the 2024 Best Optometry Office in Silicon Valley by The Mercury News. This esteemed recognition highlights Optical Illusions of San Jose’s exceptional dedication to providing outstanding eye care and highlights their commitment to excellence in patient services. “We are happy to reopen our […]

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Honoring Our Heroes: The Importance of Healthcare and Eye Care for Veterans


This Memorial Day, our thoughts turn to the brave men and women who have served in the military, protecting our freedoms and ensuring our safety. This day is a time for reflection and gratitude, honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It is also an opportunity to consider the ongoing needs […]

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Optical Illusions of San Mateo named 2024 Top 5 Best Eyecare by San Mateo Chamber of Commerce


SAN MATEO, CA – Optical Illusions: An Optometric Practice has been named one of 2024 Top 5 Best Eyecare and Eyeglass Stores by the San Mateo Chamber of Commerce. This esteemed recognition highlights Optical Illusions of San Mateo’s exceptional dedication to providing outstanding eye care and underscores their commitment to excellence in patient service. “It […]

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