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How to Select the Best Glasses for Wide Faces

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Finding the perfect eyewear can be a challenging task, especially for those with wide faces like myself. The right pair of glasses can enhance your features, provide comfort, and boost your confidence. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of eyewear, offering tips on selecting the best glasses for wide faces, delving into popular eyewear shape and styles. Whether you’re looking for prescription glasses or fashion-forward sunglasses, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding Face Shapes and Eyewear Fit

Before diving into specific styles and brands, it’s crucial to understand face shapes and how they influence eyewear selection. A wide face typically has broad cheekbones, a wide forehead, and a broad jawline. The goal is to choose frames that balance these features, provide comfort, and enhance your natural look.

Key Features to Look For:

  1. Frame Width: Ensure the frame width is wide enough to fit comfortably across your face without pinching.
  2. Bridge Fit: A well-fitting bridge can prevent glasses from sliding down your nose.
  3. Temple Length: Proper temple length ensures the glasses sit comfortably behind your ears.
  4. Proportionality: Choose frames proportional to your face size; oversized frames can overwhelm, while too-small frames may look out of place.

Best Shape Glasses for Wide Faces

Certain frame shapes are more flattering for wide faces. Here are some of the best options:

1. Rectangle Frames

  • Why They Work: Rectangular frames add structure and length to a wide face, balancing out broader features.
  • Style Tip: Look for frames with sharp angles to create a more defined look.

2. Cat-Eye Frames

  • Why They Work: The upswept corners of cat-eye frames draw attention upwards, elongating the face.
  • Style Tip: Opt for wider frames with bold designs for a striking effect.

3. Square Frames

  • Why They Work: Square frames provide a strong contrast to soft, rounded facial features, adding definition.
  • Style Tip: Ensure the frames are wide enough to match the width of your face.

4. Oval Frames

  • Why They Work: Oval frames soften the angular lines of a wide face, creating a harmonious look.
  • Style Tip: Choose frames with thicker rims for a bolder statement.

Materials Matter

The material of the eyewear also plays a significant role in comfort and style. Here are some popular materials to consider:

1. Acetate

  • Benefits: Lightweight, durable, and available in various colors and patterns.
  • Why It’s Good for Wide Faces: Provides a comfortable fit without feeling too heavy.

2. Metal

  • Benefits: Sleek, strong, and often adjustable for a customized fit.
  • Why It’s Good for Wide Faces: Offers a minimalist look with the ability to adjust the bridge and temples for better comfort.

3. Titanium

  • Benefits: Extremely lightweight, hypoallergenic, and highly durable.
  • Why It’s Good for Wide Faces: Ideal for those who need sturdy frames without added weight.

Top Brand Glasses for Wide Faces

Selecting eyewear from reputable brands ensures quality, style, and comfort. Check out the top 10 eyewear brands for your next pair of glasses for wide faces:

1. Cartier

  • About the Brand: Known for its luxury and sophistication, Cartier offers timeless designs.
  • Best For: High-quality, elegant frames that provide a perfect fit and refined look.

2. Zero G Eyewear

  • About the Brand: Specializes in lightweight, screwless frames crafted from high-quality titanium.
  • Best For: Durable, comfortable frames with a minimalist design.

3. Chrome Hearts

  • About the Brand: Features edgy, gothic-inspired designs with meticulous craftsmanship.
  • Best For: Unique, high-end frames that make a bold statement.

4. Chanel

  • About the Brand: Combines classic elegance with modern flair, offering luxurious eyewear options.
  • Best For: Timeless, sophisticated frames that elevate any look.

5. Gucci

  • About the Brand: Known for its bold, fashion-forward designs, Gucci offers a wide range of stylish eyewear.
  • Best For: Trendsetting frames that add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.

6. Tom Ford

  • About the Brand: Renowned for its sleek, contemporary designs and high-quality materials.
  • Best For: Modern, sophisticated frames that exude elegance.

7. ic! berlin

  • About the Brand: Innovates with its screwless hinge system and minimalist aesthetic.
  • Best For: Lightweight, durable frames with a unique design.

8. Ray-Ban

  • About the Brand: Iconic for its classic styles and durable construction, Ray-Ban is a household name.
  • Best For: Versatile, timeless frames that suit any occasion.

9. Saint Laurent

  • About the Brand: Blends chic Parisian style with contemporary designs.
  • Best For: Elegant, fashion-forward frames that add a touch of sophistication.

10. Montblanc

  • About the Brand: Known for its refined elegance and superior craftsmanship, Montblanc extends its luxury to eyewear.
  • Best For: High-quality, sophisticated frames that make a statement.

Additional Tips for Choosing Glasses for Wide Faces

1. Try Before You Buy

  • In-Store Fittings: Visit optical stores to try on different frames and ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Virtual Try-Ons: Many brands offer virtual try-on tools to see how frames look on your face.

2. Consult an Optometrist

  • Professional Advice: Our optometrists can provide personalized recommendations based on your face shape and vision needs.
  • Proper Measurements: They can ensure you get the correct frame width, bridge fit, and temple length.

3. Consider Lens Options

  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Reduces glare and improves visual clarity.
  • Blue Light Filtering: Protects your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by digital screens.
  • Photochromic Lenses: Automatically dark

en and lighten based on UV exposure, offering convenience and eye protection.

Understanding the Importance of Lens Quality

While the frame is crucial for style and fit, the quality of the lenses is equally important for optimal vision and eye health. Here’s why:

1. Precision Vision

  • High-Quality Lenses: Offer sharper and clearer vision, reducing eye strain.
  • Custom Prescription: Ensure lenses are tailored accurately to your vision needs.

2. Durability

  • Scratch-Resistant Coatings: Extend the life of your lenses by protecting them from everyday wear and tear.
  • Impact Resistance: Essential for safety, especially in active lifestyles or if you have a high prescription.

3. UV Protection

  • Built-In UV Filters: Protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause long-term damage.

The Right Choice for Your Face

Selecting the perfect eyewear for a wide face involves balancing style, comfort, and quality. Understanding the importance of frame shape, material, and lens options will help you make an informed decision. Opting for high quality brands like Cartier, Zero G Eyewear, Chrome Hearts, and Chanel ensure that you not only get eyewear that fits well but also reflects your personal style and meets high standards of craftsmanship.

Remember, the right pair of glasses can enhance your features, provide unparalleled comfort, and boost your confidence. Whether you’re looking for prescription glasses or a stylish pair of sunglasses, use this guide to help you find the best eyewear for your wide face, ensuring you look and feel your best.

At Optical Illusions: An Optometric Practice, we prioritize your eye health and provide the best glasses for wide faces, and for all face shapes and sizes. Our experienced optometrists and opticians use state-of-the-art technology to design personalized eyewear for your needs. Contact our team to schedule your appointment at 1 of our 4 conveniently located offices using your VSP insurance benefits.

Written by Dr. Will To

Dr. William To has multiple years of healthcare experience providing design-based ocular care, with an optometric emphasis in Pediatrics, Dry Eye Therapy, and Ocular Surface Disease.

He graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor’s in Human Biology and a minor in Psychology and earned his Doctorate in Optometry from Western University of Health Sciences. Dr. Will is regularly invited to several Optometric Conferences and Colleges of Optometry each year to lecture to his colleagues and students, having given over 100 lectures and written several published editorials.

When he’s not caring for his amazing patients, Dr. Will enjoys traveling every chance he gets. As a Bay Area native, he has taken on leadership roles both in the local community and beyond, serving as the President of the Santa Clara County Optometric Society and on several California Optometric Association and American Optometric Association committees. He is actively involved with a variety of community outreach and social programs.

Dr. Will is an avid Golden State Warriors and 49ers fan.

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