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Uplift Your Eyes with Upneeq: An Eye-Enhancing Lift for Your Droopy Eyelids

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A man in a blue shirt sharing details of his droopy eyelids to his optometrist who is listening diligently while taking notes.

Eye lifts are a popular cosmetic procedure, but going under the knife for beauty can be intimidating. We now offer a non-surgical, less-invasive way for those with droopy eyes to achieve an eye lift—with eye drops!

Upneeq is a simple daily eye drop that’s FDA-approved to help correct drooping eyelids caused by acquired ptosis under the supervision of your eye care team—without cosmetic surgery.

During your comprehensive eye exam, the team at Optical Illusions will take your medical information, assess your eyes, and uncover the cause of your droopy eyes before prescribing Upneeq eye drops. 

Why Are Eyelids Droopy?

Droopy eyelids are an eye condition called blepharoptosis or ptosis, and while many people link droopy eyelids with age, several causes can contribute to its appearance.

Ptosis can impact your appearance, causing you to look tired, stressed, or add age to your face, but it can also interfere with your vision. If eyelids are severely drooping, they can block a portion of the eye, making your eyes appear smaller and limiting your field of vision. Drooping eyelids can disrupt daily tasks like driving, reading, working, and practicing sports or hobbies.

Some causes of droopy eyelids include:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • After effects of eye surgeries such as LASIK or cataract procedures
  • Nerve damage
  • Botox migration to the eyelid muscles

In some cases, droopy eyelids can be a symptom of neurological conditions, stroke, brain tumor, or muscle cancers. If you’re concerned about your droopy eyes and want to uncover the root cause and discuss treatment options, your optometrist can perform a comprehensive eye exam to help detect ocular problems.

A close-up of an eye of a man with droopy eyelids.

Symptoms of Droopy Eyelids

Some people notice droopy eyelids easily in the mirror, but some symptoms are associated with ptosis, including the following:

  • Blocked eyesight
  • Tilting the head back to improve vision
  • Arching eyebrows to lift the eyelids
  • Head and neck pain from muscular accommodation

In children, droopy eyelids can also indicate that they’re developing amblyopia, or lazy eye.

What Is Upneeq?

Upneeq is an eyelift eye drop that can help improve a sleepy, stressed, and tired appearance in your eyes due to acquired ptosis. Instead of choosing surgery to uplift your eyelids, Upneeq is a noninvasive treatment option to discuss with your eye care team. 

Ptosis can be congenital or acquired—congenital ptosis is present at birth, while acquired ptosis develops over time. Congenital ptosis can’t be treated with Upneeq, but most acquired ptosis can.

How Does Upneeq Work?

Upneeq helps lift the eyelid by stimulating contraction in the levator palpebrae muscle, a triangle-shaped muscle in the upper eyelid responsible for retraction and elevation of the eyelid. Oxymetazoline is an adrenoceptor agonist and is the active ingredient that causes muscle contraction.

The 0.1% solution comes in a single-use vial which can be used in one or both eyes. Whether you want a more youthful appearance or droopy eyelids are affecting your vision, Upneeq only needs one drop per day to offer results.

Upneeq Results

Many patients see noticeable results in as little as 2 hours after using Upneeq drops, and with regular use, you can experience an improvement in obstructed vision. While your bright, opened eyes will be temporary, an average eyelid lift of 1 millimeter can provide a clear transformation to your eyes, restoring a youthful and rested appearance.

Leave Droopy Eyes Behind

You may not need surgical intervention to improve the look of your eyes. FDA-approved Upneeq is a safe, clinically proven method to enhance the look of your eyes without invasive treatment. Your optometrist can thoroughly assess your eyes, consider your medical history, and decide if Upneeq will benefit your one-of-a-kind eyes.

At Optical Illusions, our optometrists embrace modern research and technology to not only keep your eyes healthy and vision clear but help you feel confident with the look of your eyes. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of frames or want to explore the eye lift in a bottle, our optometrists and opticians can offer their knowledge and support.

Schedule an appointment at one of our California or Alaska locations and let our dedicated team help support your healthy vision.

Written by Dr. Will To

Dr. William To has multiple years of healthcare experience providing design-based ocular care, with an optometric emphasis in Pediatrics, Dry Eye Therapy, and Ocular Surface Disease.

He graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor’s in Human Biology and a minor in Psychology and earned his Doctorate in Optometry from Western University of Health Sciences. Dr. Will is regularly invited to several Optometric Conferences and Colleges of Optometry each year to lecture to his colleagues and students, having given over 100 lectures and written several published editorials.

When he’s not caring for his amazing patients, Dr. Will enjoys traveling every chance he gets. As a Bay Area native, he has taken on leadership roles both in the local community and beyond, serving as the President of the Santa Clara County Optometric Society and on several California Optometric Association and American Optometric Association committees. He is actively involved with a variety of community outreach and social programs.

Dr. Will is an avid Golden State Warriors and 49ers fan.

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